About The Author

Rob Hill Sr is an author, entrepreneur, and public speaker. Originally from Chesapeake, VA Rob is sought after as a voice on healthy relationships, purposed filled living, community organizing, and constructive love. The son of a deacon and military officer, Rob grew up learning the importance of service, sacrifice, and leadership. Rob developed his gift of writing as a young student while studying philosophy, spirituality, and language as he traveled between America, Europe, and the Middle East. In the midst of his ever-changing environment the ability to express himself and connect with people through introspective writing and transparent speaking became an integral part of his core. Rob’s life represents a story of self determination and love. Now a Navy veteran himself, Rob has become an impressionable force on social media. Publications like New York Times magazine, Essence, and Black Enterprise have highlighted Rob’s work. He's spoken at universities and conferences in South Africa, Canada, and throughout the US while independently selling over 60,000 books since 2012. "We find a new piece of ourselves in every experience. Each day, with each choice we are either reaffirming who we are or introducing a new part of who we've become. Growth, joy, and love are things we must choose to welcome in our lives. The spirit of our future depends on our ability to stay open, moldable, and honest

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