Rob Hill’s Writing Bootcamp
Rob Hill’s Writing Bootcamp

Rob Hill’s Writing Bootcamp

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Rob Hill’s Writing Bootcamp:
Go from Aspiring Writer to Published Author in 6 weeks. 

Have you or someone you know ever been interested in writing and publishing a book one day? Have you struggled with thoughts that make you feel the process is too daunting to accomplish? Have you been procrastinating getting started because you don’t believe people will want to read your book? 

Well, how would you feel if you turned this around?

How would you feel if you had someone experienced enough to hold you accountable and help guide you along the way? How would you feel if this time next year you were a published author, debt-free, and planning your next vacation?

Now ask yourself this… What will your future self say if you missed this opportunity?

Just like you, I truly wanted to write a book and overcome my fear of not being good enough to be published. I wanted to live aligned with my purpose, I desired financial freedom, more quality time with family and friends, and to be respected and valued. But, honestly, it was a struggle until I finally learned this process. It’s THE most important thing you should consider before you attempt to write and publish your book.


This course offers:

  • One-on-one coaching with Rob Hill Sr + Weekly Insiders Call
  • How to write your first 10,000 words and complete your manuscript.
  • Formatting + Distribution
  • Marketing + Converting Sales
  • Cover Design + Editing feedback
  • Direct Publishing Support + Resources

5 Reasons Why This Course Can Help You:

  • You will save time publishing your book the right way, and cutting back on hours spent researching.
  • You will be given a step-by-step proven process to publish your book independently.
  • You will avoid the steep learning curve of self-publishing by not relying on trial and error.
  • You will learn to master a skill that can be applied for any future books you publish.
  • You will network with industry professionals, expert authors, and other writers going through the course.
Rob Hill’s Writing Bootcamp
Rob Hill’s Writing Bootcamp
Rob Hill’s Writing Bootcamp